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BST Module 3 Fire Awareness

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In this course, participants will learn what they need to know about fire safety awareness.


D uration: 0.5 days

Topic: Fire Awareness

approx. 200 minutes

Language: German

What am I learning?

  • The prevention of fires
  • How fires start
  • Safe fighting of incipient fires
  • Handling the equipment for fire fighting
  • Self-protection and external protection during fires
  • Practical fire fighting exercises

Training description

The GWO First Aid course is designed for people who are employed in the wind power industry. Participants are taught fire safety awareness, i.e., how fires start and can be safely fought in a wind turbine environment.

This BST Fire Awareness module ensures that course participants:

  1. Have knowledge in fire development and spread.
  2. Be able to fight incipient fires in a safe manner in a wind turbine environment.
  3. Be able to recognize signs of fire in a WK system.
  4. Have knowledge of emergency plans, including smoke detection and emergency escape procedures.
  5. Have knowledge of how to use a fire extinguisher and other firefighting equipment in a WKA.

Exam: Practical Assessment Measures acc. GWO + DGUV

Additional information

Course language

Arabic, Bulgarian, English, German, Greek, Turkish