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BST Module 4 Working at Heights

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In this course, participants learn the correct use of PPEgA (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height) in accordance with the GWO standard.


D uration: 2 days

 Validity: 2 years

approx. 805 minutes

Language: German

What am I learning?

  • The use of harnesses and rescue systems
  • Functional test of the PPE
  • Measures for self-protection
  • Ascent and descent at a wind turbine
  • Rescue measures with an evacuation device
  • Risks when working at height

Training description

The GWO Working at Heights course is designed for individuals who are employed in the wind energy industry. Participants will learn how to work safely at height in a wind turbine environment.


  • Legislation
  • Explanation of the different rescue harnesses
  • Explanation of vertical fall arrest systems
  • Explanation belt energy absorber
  • Explanation working and positioning rope
  • Various backup systems
  • Various emergency measures
  • Explanation rescue device
  • Suspension trauma

Practical part:

  • Correct donning of personal protective equipment

Practical exercises:

  • Climbing and behavior in the tower/wind turbine
  • Explanation safety chain
  • Rescue from the ladder
  • Abseiling and rescue from the engine house

Note: This course is not intended to determine whether participants are qualified to work at height. This means it does not test for any fear of heights that may be present.

Exam: Practical Assessment Measures acc. GWO + DGUV

Additional information

Course language

Arabic, Bulgarian, English, German, Greek, Turkish