Technical qualification for free measuring (DGUV G 313-002)


In addition to carrying out checks and recognizing hazards, the participants will also learn in detail how to handle the measuring equipment and documentation.



Duration: 1/2 days

Validity: 1 years

8 x 45 minutes

Language: German

What am I learning?

  • Perform a (visual) inspection
  • Recognize hazards
  • Handling of the measuring equipment
  • Documentation

Training description


  • Handling of the devices/procedures
  • Visual inspection and display test
  • Fresh air balance
  • Calibration
  • Example measurements
  • Hazards with regard to the specific operational conditions in relation to hazardous substances
  • Oxygen deficiency or excess
  • Handling of the measuring devices used in the company
  • Procedure
  • Operational conditions, B. Condition of the containers
  • Measurement locations
  • the operational release procedure/release documentation.