Load securing (VDI 2700a + DGUV I 214-083)

In this course, participants learn how to properly secure the cargo being transported.


D uration: 1-2 days

Validity: 1 years

a pprox. 8 x 45 minutes

L anguage: German

What am I learning?

  • Driving physics basics
  • Determination of the correct lashing means
  • The areas of responsibility
  • Practical application of a load restraint

Training description


  • Workplace vehicle (hazards, causes of accidents, legal basis)
  • Stresses and strains for the driver
  • Driving physics basics
  • Responsibility (owner/driver/shipper)
  • Determination of the lashing means / calculation of the lashing forces
  • Transport of hazardous working materials
  • Practical application of load securing
  • Technical equipment for load securing