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Training as an elevating work platform operator

395,00 inkl. 19% MwSt.

With the training to become an elevating work platform operator, all legally required knowledge including a practical examination is imparted.


D uration: 2-3 days

Validity: 5 years (with annual briefings)

8 x 45 minutes

Language: German

What am I learning?

  • Legal basis
  • Operation of a working platform
  • Technical basics
  • Danger indications

Training description


  • Legal basis
  • Technical basics
  • General knowledge about working platforms
  • Rules of conduct and accident scenarios
  • Protective equipment PPE
  • Inspection book
  • Theoretical teacher success check
  • The practice training
  • Visual and functional testing
  • Correct commissioning
  • Professional operation of the equipment

Additional information

Course language

Arabic, Bulgarian, English, German, Greek, Turkish